Established in 1999, Judicial Investigations was founded on the principles of providing excellent service to the communities it serves, by emphasizing success and relationships Judicial Investigations is one of the top Judicial Investigation services in Miami. Up till 2005, we support the US District Bankruptcy Court with all their document needs. At the same time, we supported copy services to the US Bankruptcy court for middle Florida. Today we have a rich history of success with 23 years of experience in a variety of legal services in the legal industry.

We Embrace Diversity

Founded in Miami, Florida we serve a variety of clients who come from many different areas around the world. We are global citizens and we embrace the diversity within our business, our community, and our clients. This has been a key to our success for over 23 years! Our attitude towards diversity allows us to deliver the greatest customer service possible, enhancing your experience with our services!

We Are Aa Trusted Brand

We have a rich history of providing amazing services to our clients in all 50 states, we have never recieved a negative comment. We maintain high integrity and proffessionalism when carrying out your service requirements. This shows in our work and our raving reviews! Discover why our clients trust us and keep coming back for our amazing services!