Civil Investigations

What is Civil Investigation?

There are several types of Civil investigation, such as: Civil Litigation, Complex Litigation, Vehicle Negligence, Car accidents, Vehicular Homicide, Slip and Fall incidents, Employment Discrimination, Wrongful Death, Family and Probate Matters, and so forth.

Typically, a civil case will require an extensive amount of witness interviews, evidence gathering as well as document compiling, to prepare the necessary information for a successful trial.

Private investigators must often investigate a variety of cases, in order to do so, the investigator must have the ability or experience as well as the necessary training to be able to carry out an investigation, he should also be licensed in his respective State of practice, during the course of the investigation , the investigator, will most oft times come across information that would otherwise have gone unnoticed to the persons in charge of the case. Private investigators often use a variety of tools to help them aid in their labors.

They may use special databases only available to law enforcement or other investigators. They can check social media outlets for information concerning a fugitive’s whereabouts or to find someone to conduct service of process. Often times an assigned investigator will and may interview a person’s neighbors and colleagues to conduct a through investigation. They may also review electronic and printed documents, data to locate assets, and or perform skip traces to uncover new information.

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